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Real Estate Market Update

Three-Year Housing Outlook

30-year fixed-rate loans are expected to remain below 3% during early 2021, and average about 3.2% during the next three years. Millennials will add substantial demand for housing over the next few years. Home prices pro...

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Housing Affordability Index Fourth Quarter 2019

Los Angeles County: 27% - Median home price: $617,310 – improved from 24% one year earlier Orange County: 26% - Median home price: $828,000 – improved from 20% one year earlier Riverside County: 41% - Median home price: $420,000 – i...

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Orange County Housing Report August 26, 2019

Many buyers and sellers have been holding out, anticipating a shift in the market, but it appears home prices may not be changing anytime soon. Many buyers and sellers have been delaying, hoping for a change in the market. Of course buyers w...

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