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Real Estate Market Update

Home Prices Reach a New High – Is This the Peak?

With home prices at a new record high and homes selling quickly, internet searches for “when is the housing market going to crash” have increased significantly in recent weeks. People are feeling the home buying frenzy is similar 2006 leadi...

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Planning for retirement?

It's fun to contemplate all the travel, rounds of golf and restaurant meals you have ahead of you.  You've earned it!  However, many retirees don't take into consideration the cumulative impact of federal and state income taxes on withdrawal...

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2008 recession compared to 2020 pandemic recession

The impact of the housing market on the 2008 financial crisis couldn’t have been more different than what we’ve seen during this year’s recession.  While housing was a significant factor in slowing the economic recovery 12 years ago, in ...

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Three-Year Housing Outlook

30-year fixed-rate loans are expected to remain below 3% during early 2021, and average about 3.2% during the next three years. Millennials will add substantial demand for housing over the next few years. Home prices pro...

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