Review from
Cary is the consummate professional. He helped me sell and buy another home in Cypress. As the top-selling agent in Cypress, he knows the Cypress market inside and out. In addition, his financial savvy enabled him to work out a creative deal for the sale of my home and purchase of another. What gives Cary an edge is both his long-term experience as a real estate professional and his integrity. I felt I could trust him from begining to end even though he also served as the agent for the sellers of the home that I ultimately purchased. Anyone who works with Cary will be impressed and glad that they hired him and his assistant Valerie to serve their real estate needs.

Review from
Working with Cary Hairabedian when selling my home/buying another one was one of the best experiences I have had with a realtor.  Cary is a consummate professional who made me feel like I was his only client.  Great attention to detail, regular communication and continuous support throughout the entire process.  He worked tirelessly to show me homes that best me by needs, and was always available to respond to questions, quench my concerns or just share his professional opinion.  His extensive experience, combined with intimate knowledge of the areas he serves, resulted in me finding the home of my dreams.  Even after the transaction was completed, Cary continued to provide follow-up to ensure that I was happy with my choice.  I have and will continue to recommend Cary Hairabedian to anyone who is in the market for a new home.

Review from
Cary Hairabedian is an exemplary example of what a residential realtor should be.  He does what he says he will do and then some!  Cary has handled two separate transactions for me.  He has been our selling agent in the house we currently reside, and the listing agent for our past rental property.  He made both experiences stress free and pleasant.  Both times he had my wife's and my best interest in mind.  Anyone who does not list or sell their property through Cary is missing out on using the finest realtor the industry has to offer.  He will see it through and more!

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Cary is a very professional and experience broker.  He does not pressure you.  He delivered what he promised.  He and his associates are very helpful in real estate and local services.

Review from
Cary is extremely professional and knowledgeable about the real estate market.  I am convinced that he excellent marketing on my house was the reason it sold within three weeks.  He was also very capable of negotiating the closure of escrow with a buyer who manipulated the closure extending escrow for almost a month.  He was very honest with me and kept me up-to-date regarding a real estate market that was in turmoil and what I could expect.  In the end after a stressful situation with the buyer, escrow finally ended successfully and within less than a 24-hour period.  I would not hesitate recommending Cary to anyone.

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Cary is a great agent.  We have sold 2 homes, and purchased 2 homes with him.  He is very knowledgeable and his experience goes a long way.  He understands his clients´ needs and wants.  He is extremely patient and detail oriented.  Our experience with him has been very pleasant.  I trust Cary with all of our real estate transactions.

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Cary Hairabedian is a great person to work with.  He is very knowledgeable, professional and very personable.  I would highly recommend him and his team.

Hi Cary,
I haven't talked to you in a while, but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all the work you and Valerie had put into selling our house.  I know you even had to put some of your own commission to close the deal.  Marissa and I really feel lucky to find such great people to help us in this unfortunate situation.  You really do go out of your way to make people feel more than just clients and it shows.  We wish you much success in business and in life.  You are a true professional and advocate for your clients, thank you!  We look forward in knowing that when we are ready to find a new home, we already know who to contact.

 Best regards,

Thank you for being a great realtor!
As you know, Bob and I were just about to sign with another realtor when we saw how quickly you sold the house across the street and another model in Cypress like ours.  The result of listing with you was a quick sale for a good price.  In fact, the second couple who saw it bought our house; and you found the buyer.  Your marketing was professional, and your advice was valuable.  You even helped stage our family room.   You sat with us on a number of evenings going over contracts and easing my concerns, and you emailed us last at night.  (I wonder if you ever sleep.)  We never had to wait for you to respond.

You recommended contractors that "jumped to" as soon as we mentioned your name.  They did quality work, and as always showed up on schedule.  Because we were working with you, they took care of everything that needed to be done, big and small.  We could never have accomplished what we did or sold the house so quickly without your help.

This thank you would not be complete without mentioning Valerie Cruz, your assistant.  Nothing short of fantastic can describe her, and you are fortunate to have her on your team.  Whenever we had a question or a problem, Val was there to help us.  Her competence is outstanding, and she responded quickly to all our needs.

Two weeks after the house closed escrow, the water heater started to leak.  At the time, we were renting back; so it was an awkward situation.  You had Val contact the home warranty company to replace the water heater for the new owners, and you paid the difference of a few hundred dollars that was not covered out of our your pocket.

We have recommended you to our friends and neighbors, and we wish you and Val the very best. 

Rita and Bob

Cary, that is amazing.  Thank you.  I definitely know I found the very best realtor to sell my house.   A friend that just sold her house and moved to Austin, Texas to be near her family, just viewed the pictures yesterday and emailed me that my realtor really knows how to market a house.

Wait until she see's the video!

Dear Cary,
We have moved in our new house yesterday. Our family will enjoy this beautiful home for many years to come.

It is with greatest appreciation that we thank you for the amazing job you did for us. We are grateful for your efforts, your outstanding expertise, your broad knowledge, your passion for real estate and your willingness to help us and many other people in this regards from your heart. It has been a privilege for us to work with you in the last several months. You are not only an outstanding experienced and professional realtor but also a best friend, a mentor, with great knowledge, for whom we can turn to for best advices for any aspect of life whenever we need most. We also deeply appreciate how hard Valerie has worked with us. Her expertise and effort are very outstanding and so impressive.

Please give us the privilege to introduce you to our relatives, colleagues and friends at every opportunity that we can do.

Best Regards,
Yasmine & Dave Family

Dear Cary,
You are a person who can always be counted on!  That's why you're a success in life. Both in your personal and business relationships.  Your general concern is not enough, you actually care genuinely about the positive and best outcome for your clients.

Thanks for your prompt attention to my call regarding our situation.  We are hoping the outcome will be in our favor.  "What a man sows, that too is what he will reap."  May God continue to Bless You!


Dear Cary,
Thank you so much for the use of your time share in Hawaii! We had a fantastic vacation!
Many thanks also on your good work helping us get our home.  We love it here.

Dan, Terry and Abby Garcia

Dear Cary,
First of all, we thank you so much for your efforts on our behalf- taking the time to talk to us, see some properties, viewing our home and for your very thorough property profile and market analysis.  You are easy to talk to- like a family member- and we appreciated your candor and expertise.

We have discussed the pros and cons and decided to stay here and do some remodeling.  After viewing the other homes, we realize what we have here in our home-  a nice sized home, with nice sized rooms, a great backyard and in a decent area.  If we remodel a few things, it will give us (and the house) a boost- it will update and freshen things up.

Thank you also for giving us some ideas are the property in Glendale which were very valid.  We have sent an email to the agent with the questons  you asked us and point you made.  It will be interesting to see the response we get back.

As always, Cary, thanks for being who you are.  Congratulations on your marriage and beautiful bride (of 5 years).  We are very happy for you- mazel-tov!!

Wishing you continued health, happiness and success!

Paul and Jo

Hi Cary,
I wanted to thank you for everything you did to make both escrows as "painless" as possible.  Buying the Lake Forest home became my 4th escrow with you, and it never ceases to amaze me how you are actually able to make everything "come together" as it should.  I move out of the Via Linda property tomorrow... it's hard to believe that moving day is almost here.
I really appreciate all of the other "sideline" kindness you extended to make this deal "happen" - Valerie has also been wonderful throughout both transactions- her follow-up is incredible.  I'm sure that you feel very thankful to have her working with you.
I hope that we will be living in the Lake Forest home for many  years to come, but if Len and I decide to move again in the future, you can bet that I will be giving you a call.

De Anna


Thanks of doing such a good job!  It's been a pleasure selling our house through you.  We really appreciate that our interest has been well served by you!  We will definitely recommend you to any of our family and friends who have any real estate needs!

Susie and Shaun
P.S. Please keep in touch and we will too!


The money is in our bank.  We're glad this is behind us and we can move forward with the building of our home in TX.  We greatly appreciate your personal touch, advice and expertise.

Warm Regards,
 Paul, Lucia and family

Hi Cary,

 I wanted to wish you a belated "Happy One Year Anniversary"! I remember we all went to Hawaii last July - you, for your wedding, my family, for vacation.

Also wanted to take the time to thank you again for helping us find this home (as well as selling our old one) a year ago. You were busy closing seven other homes while also planning your wedding. Nori and I will always remember how efficient and smoothly both transactions went. This sounds corny, but after dealing with other agents, it was such a pleasure working with you!

I know things didn't start off well, and we continue to feel bad that we were mislead by the listing agent on one home and did not stay with you. After losing the bidding war on the house, we resolved to add on to our old home. But in the end, we're thankful that you didn't give up on us and called us up to show us this home!  This house has such a wonderful entertaining area, much larger than the home we originally wanted. We love the fact that it backs up to the channel, and better yet, the neighbors are awesome - we really like the Williams family alot!

Thanks so much. It makes us smile whenever we see one of your signs pop up in the neighborhood because we know that family will be well taken care of, but most of all, that YOU got the listing and not someone else!
Take care
Tami Nishida

Hi Cary:
I wanted to send this much sooner, but was delayed in our move and all that goes with it.  We, however, have not forgotten the amazing job you did for us in the selling of our home.  We cannot thank you enough for your knowledge, support and excellent flow
of communication you made sure we had during our weeks of the sale process of our home on Emerald Circle.  I can honestly say that we have made a new friend in you.  Something I am sure in the real estate business dissipates after the sale.  We feel we would
be able to call you anytime with questions or a simple hello long after escrow has closed.  Thank you again for your kindness.
Please keep in touch with us we found you to be a kindred spirit.

Van Der Zee Family


Hi Cary,

Cliff and I wanted to thank you so much for the surprise we got in the mail the other day from you.  How thoughtful of you to think of us.  When we heard that Michelle & Chris were going to try to come back to Cypress you were the only realtor for them; hence I insisted that she contact you.  They are very happy and content in their home and we're happy to have our grandkids so close.

Should I know of any one else looking either to buy or sell I'll pass your name on; maybe one of these days my son will move back here from Northern California (that's wishful thinking).

Anyway, thanks again Cary for being the professional you are and for taking such good care of our kids.  We appreciated it!

Amy & Cliff Adney 




Thanks for your advice to us in December about the Tanglewood condo, etc.  We appreciate your thoughts and willingness to talk to us about someone elses listing.  Our transaction just underscored our feeling that you are the BEST!

Joe and Pam Mendoza


Dear Cary,


We just wanted to say Thank-you so much for all your hard work with helping us find our ideal new home!  Thank you again for everything.  Hope to see you soon!


Bryan, Wendi, Tyler, and Stepani Hirata



We just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you did for us during the selling of the old house and the purchase of the new one.  The $500 you gave us just goes to show what a great real estate agent you are, not to mention a great guy.  We really, truly appreciate all that youve done.



The Rodrigues





We appreciate all your efforts in selling our Ariano home and getting us the new Fonte house.  We are now starting to settle in and will have to get the landscaping started soon.  Times are difficult for many right now so we are most appreciative of what we have.  We couldnt have gotten it without your help and guidance. 

Thanks again,

David and Mae Sakamoto


P.S. If we ever decided to sell of course you would be our first choice Realtor



Dear Cary,


A special thanks to you for providing me with a helping hand through your support, time, assistance, business and encouraging advice with my best interest in mind.


"From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another."

John 1:16 NIV






Dear Cary,


I am in need of your advice once again.  I received the property taxes for 5051 Myra Avenue and I mailed them to the new owner as Keith requested me to.  However, there was a form attached, which I was not sure if I needed to send this in.  I have enclosed a copy of the form for your review and I will wait to hear from you regarding this matter.

I want you to know that I appreciate everything you have done for us.  We could not have made the relocation to San Jose as smoothly as we did without you.  I also think that you are a highly skilled individual who demonstrates such outstanding professionalism.  I am very thankful that we had you representing us.

Cary, you are really the best!


Sherry Jacobs




I rarely venture into the real estate market.  Being an one minded Emergency Physician, and spouse and husband, together takes up all my time.  When it came time to move from our then cramped quarters, I applied deductive reasoning, to determine; that we had to move, the move would be taxing given our unique difficulties and expectations, my wife and our perfectionists and perhaps demanding, and we needed a perfect real estate agent.  Thank God we had met you socially years ago.


You truly did the impossible.  You assisted us selling at a market high at 200 Pacific Coast Highway in 16 days, assisted us move into our new house as soon as both escrows closed, WITH NO DELAYS.  There were many problems and complications during that period in my mind, yet your expert handling at resolution makes me think that I was imagining them (God knows they were real!!!) Hey, who do you really work for???


Now, we are again back in the saddle of raising our two beautiful children, doing the daily chores, balancing our work schedules, and sleeping like babies.


How can I thank you? Your integrity, resourcefulness, reliability, and friendship are a clear indication of your professional ship.  Please use the commendation if it helps.

Also, you can have anyone call me to confirm these attestations.



 Dr. Michael Nestor, Dr. Diana Patton, Master Branton Nestor, and
Miss Lois Nestor







Thank you for being so helpful with the purchase of my house on St. George in Cypress.  I really appreciate being able to call you with all my questions.  Your positive attitude and willingness to help me is really appreciated.



Cheryl Hoffman



Cary Hairabedian
Cary Hairabedian