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Considering A Short Sale

If You Owe More on Your Home than the Current Value and Considering a Short Sale

In Addition to being the Number # 1 Agent in Cypress Year after Year; Cary Hairabedian is also a Short Sale Specialist

Short Sale Your Home at NO Cost to You!

Are You Trapped in Today´s Mortgage Crisis?  Facing Foreclosure?  Is Your Loan Modification Going Nowhere?

A Zero Cost Short Sale May Be Your Best Option

Cypress´ number one real estate agent, Cary Hairabedian, is a successful Short Sale Negotiator for over 2 decades.

Cary has helped many of your neighbors Short Sale their property and protect their credit.

Cary Hairabedian is a Licensed Real Estate Broker and sells more Cypress homes than any other agent year after year.  As a matter of fact, Cary has helped over 1,000 of your Cypress neighbors sell and purchase their homes over the past two decades.

That´s real experience you can trust.

Call Cary direct at 1-800-944-2441 for your personal and private consultation.

  Short Sale Benefits with Cary

       FREE – No Cost to You
Real Mortgage Debt Relief
Restore Your Credit
Back Taxes Elimination
Bank Rebates up to $3,000 Cash to You 
Confidential & Dignified Solution
90% plus Success Rate

      Even the call is Free: 1-800-944-2441

Reports have shown that over 50% of Short Sales fail in Orange County.  The reason is most agents do not have the necessary experience, training, and team dedication to produce a high rate of success.  A Short Sale is the most complex of all residential real estate transactions.  You don’t want to trust just any real estate agent to handle such a challenging sale.  We have the experience, training, and teamwork to get the job done right the first time ? and in time.  Our Short Sale Team has a verifiable track record of success in Cypress and surrounding cities with both regular and HAFAShort Sale closings.  We are licensed with the California Department of Real Estate and specialize in Cypress.  If you owe more than your home is worth, behind on your mortgage payments, or facing foreclosure, a short sale can provide you real mortgage forgiveness debt relief.  We have the Solutions, Experience and Determination that can eliminate your home mortgage debt problems; help protect your loan worthiness; and allow you to get on with your life in a dignified and hassle free manner.  We are Cypress California’s Leading Short Sale Specialist ? and our service is Free to You.

During a Short Sale, our team negotiates with your mortgage Banker on your behalf. Utilizing our expertise and vast experience, we are able to convince the Mortgage Bank(s) to reduce your loan balance on the home, in most all cases. This allows us to then sell your home quickly to a Buyer, versus allowing the Bank to foreclose on the property which would ruin your credit, possibly leave unpaid debt, and cause undue embarrassment.  You may ask yourself “Why should I care since I have no more equity left in my house?”… Well, the fact is there are several important reasons why a Short Sale is far better for you compared to Foreclosure.  Here’s why:

1.) Less Damaging to your Credit Rating:  A Foreclosure will severely damage one´s credit rating for up to 7 years.  A Short Sale is less damaging and its effect often last only 24 to 36 months.

2.) Major Banks are Encouraging Short Sales over Foreclosure:  Fannie Mae (FNMA) recently changed their underwriting policy so that a past home owner now has to wait 5 years after a Foreclosure before FNMA will underwrite a new loan.  If the homeowner conducted a Short Sale the wait time is just 2 Years!  Freddie Mac also often offers participating Banks a $2,200 incentive to conduct a Short Sale versus Foreclosure.

3.) Probable Relief from HELOC 2nd Mortgage:  When the 1st Mortgage Bank forecloses, the 2nd TD HELOC loan is usually not deleted from your debt.  The 2nd TD HELOC Mortgage Bank may take legal means to collect their debt after the Foreclosure.  With a Short Sale, we negotiate with both lenders to highly reduce or totally eliminate the HELOC loan debt.

4.) Dignified Solution:  With a Short Sale, we sell your home just like your neighbors have done.  It is a dignified resolution to a difficult situation.  On the other hand, after a Foreclosure, a Sheriff performs a lockout, the grass turns brown, and a Bank Sales Rep places “Bank Foreclosure” for sale signs in front of the property for your neighbors to see.

5.) “Cash for Cooperation”:  Some of the banks we work with are now offering homeowners a Cash incentive when an owner cooperates with a short sale, versus allowing the property to be foreclosed on by the Bank.  We have successfully and legally secured up to $3,000 Cash Incentives for many of our short sale clients.

The longer you wait, the harder it is for us to help.  Most importantly time is of the essence.  If Foreclosure proceedings have started on your home, then you have only 3 months and 3 weeks before your home is sold at the public Foreclosure Auction on the courthouse steps.  Now our team of experts can almost always get the foreclosure postponed – but only if you call us.  Please don’t hesitate, or sit in hope that your financial fortunes will significantly change.  Avoiding the issue until it is too late will insure regret later.

We have helped numerous homeowners in Cypress and surrounding cities; and we can help you as well.  You may have one shot at this, and you want to be represented by a local specialist with a track record you can trust.  There is a lot riding on the successful negotiations with your bank to protect your credit for the future.

We’ve been working in the real estate industry with Short Sales, Foreclosures and Bank Owned properties since 1993. … We’ve negotiated with many Banks, Credit Unions, and Savings and Loans to reduce loan balances and postpone foreclosures.  We’ve been involved in every facet of the Short Sale process and we’re here to help you with your mortgage loan crisis.

We are an Experienced Team of Professionals.  Negotiating short sales is a full-time job.  All of our short sale packages go through a very meticulous screening and preparation process.  Your short sale package is only submitted to the Bank when it meets our standards and has the greatest chance for approval.  The strength of our experience, knowledge and relationships with the banks is invaluable.  Best of all, our short sale services are FREE TO YOU.

Because I sell more homes in Cypress than any other real estate agent; I attract more buyers.  This gives me the opportunity to share the proper information about your home with more quality buyers ? And of course I am committed to the home sellers I represent.  My experience and knowledge on how to present your property´s best features will help buyers choose your home over the competition.  An agent´s ability to communicate the right information to the right buyer at the right moment is critical to securing the highest price for your property giving you a superior opportunity to have your short sale approved by your bank.  The agent you choose to represent your property really does make a difference in your success.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Remax College Park Realty is not associated with the government, and our service is not approved by the government or your lender.  Even if you accept this offer and use our service, your lender may not agree to change your loan.  If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home and damage your credit rating.

Please feel free to visit my website ? And you can always reach me direct at 1-800-944-2441.  I look forward to working with you.

Background Information for Cary Hairabedian, Broker-Associate with Remax College Park Realty

  • Real Estate licensed in California over 26 years
  • Broker licensed in California over 22 years
  • Over $29 Million in Personal real estate sales 2010
  • Over $350 Million in career real estate sales
  • Top selling Cypress real estate agent 2002-2011
  • Ranked # 33 out of 55,000 Remax agents nationwide in 2010
  • Ranked # 12 for all Remax agents in California in 2010

Cary´s Awards

  • Remax College Park Realty´s number one agent 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003, and 2011
  • 13 time Remax International Platinum and Chairman´s award recipient
  • Inducted into the Remax Hall of Fame
  • Remax Career Achievement Award ? Representing over 1,000 buyers and sellers
  • Remax Lifetime Award recipient

Cary´s Company

  • Remax College Park Realty, Los Alamitos California
  • Employs over 170 Real Estate Agents and Brokers
  • Office sales total over $450 million annually

Cary´s Team

I have assembled the best team in real estate to insure your success.  This includes:  licensed administrative coordinator Valerie Cruz; licensed short sale negotiator Kim Avery; escrow officer Denise Lodato; Title specialist Doug Thompson; Graphic designer Rene Lopez; mortgage lenders Marc Bablot and Jon Levin; termite inspector Jesse Ocampo; and home repair specialists Mike Bright and Bill Lore.  No other real estate team will work harder or smarter to make sure your short sale is successful.

Cary´s Area of Specialty  

Cary Hairabedian is the Top Producing real estate agent in Cypress, California each year ? Often doubling the sales and tripling the volume of the next highest selling agent.

Cary also has extensive knowledge and real estate sales experience in the surrounding communities of: Long Beach, La Palma, Buena Park, Anaheim, Garden Grove, Los Alamitos, Rossmoor, Seal Beach, and Huntington Beach.