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Orange County “Homes For Sale” Inventory Is Rising

The Orange County real estate market began softening in May.  Cypress tends to mirror the average home value and market trend in Orange County.  A snapshot of the Cypress real estate market on June 15, 2022 shows 47 homes available for sale.  Compare this with an average of 14 homes for sale in Cypress January through April this year.

31% of the 47 homes for sale in Cypress today have lowered their asking price to attract a buyer.  Some of these price drops are $50,000 to $100,000.  This is a big departure from the first four months of the year when nearly every home for sale received multiple offers and sold over the asking price.

The sudden 2% rise in mortgage rates cooled the housing market in May.  After reaching 5.3% (highest rates in over 10 years), mortgage rates appear to be stabilizing around 5%.  A $750,000 loan with a 3% interest rate in January provides a monthly payments of $3,162.  That same $750,000 loan today with a 5% rate has monthly payments of $4,026.  This is an increase of $864 in monthly payments.  That’s a 27% jump in loan payments for a standard $750,000 loan in just a few months.  To qualify for the higher loan payment, the lender requires $31,000 additional annual income to qualify for that $750,000 loan today, compared with January.

To purchase a home at $950,000 and qualify for the $750,000 loan, a home buyer today will need a $200,000 down payment.  Many potential home buyers have been holding their down payment in the stock market.  If they had $200,000 saved for their down payment, they are telling us their available funds to purchase has shrunk by $20,000 to $30,000 – and they now need to wait until they have their stock investments grow back to afford the 20% down payment again.

Combining the home price increase with the recent 2% rise in interest rates, the monthly cost for the average priced home in Orange County has increased over 40% since 2019.

Home prices, like any other commodity are largely driven by supply and demand.  As a result of recent changes in the real estate market, inventory of available homes for sale has tripled since April.  With mortgage rates averaging above 5%, and inventory of available homes increasing, it appears the Orange County real estate is heading back to a normal market.

Mortgage rates averaged 8% over the past 50 years, so 5% mortgage rates are still historically attractive.  Economic forecasters estimating home values would rise another 5% to 10% in 2022, recently revised their estimates down to 0% or a slight decline this year for home values.

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