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Cypress Real Estate Update – December 2023

Home prices remain near all-time highs, largely due to the continuing low inventory levels. This is in spite of the average 30-year mortgage rate hitting a 23-year high in October at 7.79%. Higher mortgage rates tend to drive market slowdown...

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Orange County Home Sales Lower in 2023

Orange County’s median home price reached a new high of $1,090,000 in August. This includes all detached, townhome, and condo home sales. The median home price increased 45% since February 2020 – just before the Pandemic. Orange County's...

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Cypress Real Estate Update: May 16, 2023

Home prices reached a peak in the first quarter last year as mortgage rates began to rise from 3% to over 6%, and home inventory were at records lows. When mortgage rates rose to nearly 7% in 2022, home prices softened about 9% from the prices...

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In 2020 the average mortgage rate was 3.11%, and it kept falling to a new record low of just 2.65% in January of 2021. These ultra-low rates were due to government response to COVID-19. Houses were flying off the shelf during the early COVID-...

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Selling a home is rarely as simple as placing a “for sale” sign in the front yard and waiting for buyers to come knocking. To increase your odds for a quick sale, at the highest price, and a smooth transaction, it is often best to invest i...

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Cypress Real Estate Forecast for 2023

People often ask if Orange County home prices will fall significantly in 2023. The short answer is no. The main reasons are tight lending standards over the past 10 years, and a historically low level of available homes to purchase. Today, in J...

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Cypress Real Estate Update – December 2022

Cypress single family detached homes are currently averaging $1,014,000. Cypress Condos and townhomes are averaging $679,450. Cypress homes are averaging 41 days for sale before entering escrow. Orange County houses, condos, and townhom...

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